The Coweta Cities & County Employees Federal Credit Union originated as the City of Newnan EFCU chartered March 3, 1971. The name changed to the Coweta Cities & County EFCU on May 23, 1974. Two credit unions merged into the Coweta Cities & County EFCU. The first was Coweta General Hospital FCU in 1983 and the other was Newnan Canco FCU in November of 2002 after the James River Plant closure. The Coweta Cities & County EFCU’s philosophy is to focus on members’ needs and not on profit.

Coweta Cities & County EFCU serves 9 Select Employment Groups in Coweta County. This enables these Employment Groups to offer credit union membership as a benefit to their employees at no cost to the employer.

What separates a credit union from other financial institutions is volunteerism. The Board of Directors serving the Coweta Cities & County EFCU are members elected by the membership at the annual meeting. They volunteer their time and receive no monetary compensation. The Board of Directors reviews the financials of the credit union on a monthly basis and establishes policies for the credit union.

The staff at the credit union strives to provide the best service to the members and realizes that without the membership there would be no credit union.

It's easy to join. Employees can belong to the credit union by opening a share/savings account with a minimum deposit of $25.00. There is a one-time $5 new membership fee and once a member always a member. In other words, if you are no longer employed with one of the employment groups, you still maintain your benefit of credit union membership. Credit union membership can also be extended to immediate family members.

Your deposits are insured at the Coweta Cities & County EFCU by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) up to $250,000.00.